Arabella hutter von Arx is a print and media professional whose work ranges from production to writing to marketing/distribution. Her credits include films and documentaries for the British Film Institute, the BBC, and Channel 4, in addition to several international independent and experimental films. She was production manager on 14 episodes of ‘Inside The Actors’ Studio’ for Bravo and the PBS documentary ‘Connections’ about the preservation of the American landscape. She worked as the Executive Director of IQ, The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers. Her activities now focus nearly exclusively on writing, with a focus on women’s issues and the arts.

“Wouldn’t it be more fruitful to simply surrender to our inner fluidity without looking for objectivity, intimately and voluptuously soaking in our own inner turmoil and struggle? Then we would feel with much richer intensity the whole inner growth of spiritual experience. All kinds of experiences would blend and flourish in a fertile effervescence and a sensation of actuality and spiritual content would be born, like the rise of a wave or a musical phrase. To be full of one’s self, not in the sense of pride, but of enrichment, to be tormented by a sense of inner infinity, means to live so intensely that we feel we are about to die of life.

Emile Michel Cioran