19th Thread: Your father will be back from war.

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I know you miss your father. In a few days, he will be back from the campaign and you can help me organize the party for his return. We will order a banquet, we’ll hire dancers and courtesans, we’ll decorate the house and burn costly incense. And he’ll leave again. Women do not make war, even my grandmother who was a woman as strong as your father, would not have made war, because women should not shed blood as they bleed themselves. Men can and do kill. They are meant to handle knives and swords and spears. Your brothers too will kill when they are grown. I know you envy them and you should not, it’s wrong.

When men wage war, they can quickly gain rank and amass wealth. See all the jewels your father has brought back, and the rolls of tapestries and carpets, and a multitude of slaves. When he will have enough, he will stop and we will pamper him at home forever. We will live in a luxury you can’t even imagine, happy at last.


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